Cancel My Account Please

CancelPleaseYou know what, I was writing this great big post about this supremely annoying phone call I went through to cancel my internet cable connection. But I got a lot of it out of my system just writing the rough draft and I don’t want to inflict all that insanity on all of you. So I will just throw out a few tidbits about the phone call.


Total time of the phone call: 1 hour, 21 minutes

Number of times I asked to cancel the service: 22

Number of times the “retention department” person told me they were just doing their job: 2

Number of times I was put on hold: 7

Total time on hold: 18 minutes

One part that had me just shocked by the gall was when I was told they wanted to keep me as a “valued customer.” I think my reply was one of the key takeaways from this whole mess. Unfortunately, I doubt any corporations are listening.

If you valued me, you wouldn’t make me jump through hoops to carry out a simple business transaction.



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Warrior Women in the Viking World


Viking grave photo courtesy of Dark Ages Re-Creation Company

This interesting article from talks about how some of the bodies found in Viking graves with weapons are actually women. It seems that even though the sagas speak of women fighting alongside the men, many archaeologists would just assume that if there was a weapon in the grave then the person buried there had to be a man. Pretty lame move in my opinion.

Ignore the subhead of the article. The study they reference claims half of the “settlers” were female, not half of the “warriors” found in graves but why expect a journalist to let truth stand in the way of a good headline? (Is my bias against lazy writers who don’t bother to read the entire article they are lifting quotes from showing?)

Anyway, I highly recommend reading the comments, there are some thoughtful additions and a few links to further reading.

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Book Review: The Book of Swords

book_of_swordsThis is going to be a very short and sweet review. The Book of Swords by Hank Reinhardt is an incredibly good read for those of you interested in the history and development of pointy things. The major selling point of this book for me is that it reads like a friendly conversation. You get the feeling of sitting around a table while a man who has devoted most of his life to studying blades shares his knowledge with you. Yes, he rambles from time to time (as he admits himself) but all of those ramblings are just as interesting and informative as the rest of writing. I have read a great number of books on weapons and the history of arms over the years but this one has easily become my new favorite and taught me a few things I didn’t know.

If you’re wanting something dry and scholarly, keep looking. Some of Reinhardt’s theories are nothing more than guesstimates, based on a lifetime of study, but still guesstimates. However, he also actively tested his theories, hacking and slashing with replica weapons to find out how they really worked.

It is a shame he died so soon but it is fortunate that we have a book like this to share his life’s work.

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You have a bit over 24 hours left to snag the first e-book in the Valda trilogy at this low price.

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smallVGTHI have a giveaway running now on Goodreads. Two signed print copies of my book Valda Goes Through Hel are up for grabs. You have until the end of the month to sign up for your chance to win. Contest is open to the US, Canada, Great Britain and Australia.

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Inspirational Pics

Astronaut Reid Wiseman has been tweeting some very cool pictures from space. He is well worth the follow if you are into the whole Twitter thing.

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Valda Goes Through Hel

VGTHsmallYes, I put a young girl through Hel and wrote a book about it. :-) The Kindle edition is finally up on Amazon (You can buy it here) and a print version will be following shortly. Here’s the cover copy:

The young Dwarven girl Valda is finally and truly a Valkyrie. She has earned her place as a servant of the Norse gods. She is finally free to travel beyond her ancient mountain home. That’s when Odin sends her on a mission that brings her straight back to her ancient mountain home.

There she discovers Draugr, the zombies of the Norse world, are threatening the city. Her search for the person behind this threat takes her all the way to Hel, the land of the dead. She can at least be grateful that Loki isn’t the one behind this deadly plot. Then she learns that the Trickster is the only one who can help her stop the undead threat. How can she find her biggest enemy and convince him to help her?

This adventure has our spunky Dwarven Valkyrie going through figurative Hel as she receives one of the worst punishments a Dwarf can suffer. Then she journeys to the literal Norse land of the Dead and meets it’s queen –  Hela.

This book is part of the Valda & the Valkyrie series, an ongoing story that takes you on a wild ride, galloping through the people and places of Norse mythology, while throwing in plenty of twists and turns that stay true to the spirit of the sagas. The series is suitable for readers of all ages who are looking for a light-hearted, adventurous story.

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