Love Can Be a Knotty Thing

hearts2015It is Valentine’s Day – time to keep up the tradition and post a holiday-themed page of color-able knotwork pattern. The page is sized to fit 8.5×11 paper. Click on the thumbnail for a full-size image. Feel free to share this page with those you love.

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Knots on my Brain

winged swordI’ve been cranking out a lot of knotwork patterns lately – nearly 3 dozen as a matter of fact. It’s all part of what I hope will be a coloring book that comes out in 2015. An element in one of the patterns I created reminded me of a wing. I started playing around with it tonight and worked up this design. I think it would make a nice pendant – what about you?

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Happy Holidays!

tree_weaveIt has been a crazy busy season for me – I work part-time at a big box store unloading trucks and there has been literal tons of stuff to unload lately. I’ve also been doing some craft work for stuff over on my Etsy store and working on a whole bunch of knotwork style pictures for a coloring book project that I hope to pull together in the coming year.

But for right now I just want to wish everyone a happy holiday. I was up in the wee hours of the morning and put together this coloring page that you all can feel free to print out and share./ I hope the holidays and the new year find you and yours happy and healthy!

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DeAfinitely Awesome Shirt

I have a new shirt and print design up for sale over at Society 6. Great for showing your deaf pride.

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Digital Knotwork Coloring Page

free_weave1Here is another of what I call my “digital knotwork” pieces for you to print and color. I always find it very meditative to work on these pieces and I hope you enjoy them as well.

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Cancel My Account Please

CancelPleaseYou know what, I was writing this great big post about this supremely annoying phone call I went through to cancel my internet cable connection. But I got a lot of it out of my system just writing the rough draft and I don’t want to inflict all that insanity on all of you. So I will just throw out a few tidbits about the phone call.


Total time of the phone call: 1 hour, 21 minutes

Number of times I asked to cancel the service: 22

Number of times the “retention department” person told me they were just doing their job: 2

Number of times I was put on hold: 7

Total time on hold: 18 minutes

One part that had me just shocked by the gall was when I was told they wanted to keep me as a “valued customer.” I think my reply was one of the key takeaways from this whole mess. Unfortunately, I doubt any corporations are listening.

If you valued me, you wouldn’t make me jump through hoops to carry out a simple business transaction.



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Warrior Women in the Viking World


Viking grave photo courtesy of Dark Ages Re-Creation Company

This interesting article from talks about how some of the bodies found in Viking graves with weapons are actually women. It seems that even though the sagas speak of women fighting alongside the men, many archaeologists would just assume that if there was a weapon in the grave then the person buried there had to be a man. Pretty lame move in my opinion.

Ignore the subhead of the article. The study they reference claims half of the “settlers” were female, not half of the “warriors” found in graves but why expect a journalist to let truth stand in the way of a good headline? (Is my bias against lazy writers who don’t bother to read the entire article they are lifting quotes from showing?)

Anyway, I highly recommend reading the comments, there are some thoughtful additions and a few links to further reading.

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